Hotel Accommodation

The Hotels are located in Varese Schiranna, in the beautiful scenario of Lake Varese, which in last June hosted the 2015 World Rowing Cup II.

schirannaRoom Availability

Participants will be accommodated in double rooms. The hotels have a limited availability of 7 single rooms with an additional cost of 150 €. To request a single room please write to

Hotels details

Room distribution will be provided before arrival.

Extra nights booking

For extra nights booking please write to copied in CC

Farewell Party

The Farewell Party will be held on Saturday, 19th September at 7.30 pm in Maccagno:

  • Parco delle Feste
    Via Martinetti, 11
    21061 Maccagno

The OC will arrange transfer for Fisa World Rowing Tour participants.

Other Guests may attend the Farewell Party at a cost of 50€/person; for Guests not travelling with their own cars a booking confirmation is needed in order to arrange transport which will be provided with additional cost depending on distance.