80 year old John Bothma from South Africa: “Lake Maggiore Rowing Tour is the culmination of a dream”

canottaggio_sudafrica_bothma_johnJohn Bothma speaks about his rowing life. 80 years old, coming from South Africa, he is really happy to row on Lake Maggiore. “I have been struck by the beauty of the lake nestling in the mountains”

Can you tell me something about your passion for rowing?
“I have been rowing since 1949 at Selborne College. In1954 we were unbeaten in coxed fours and won the Kiwi Shield. Continued at Rhodes University where I Captained the Club in 1959 and 1960. Selected for South African Universities 8 which beat visiting Cambridge university crew. After University joined Wemmer Pan Rowing Club where we over a period of 5 years won all the senior national champs events.I have been a member of WPRC for 54years and participated in many Masters events over those years and were successful in Provincial and National events”.

What is your job and how old are you?
“I am in my 80th year and now semi retired and consult on Food manufacture throughout Africa”

Can you describe the place where you generally row and your club?
“I live in Hout Bay where I row a sea going single scull most days of the week. I am a member of the Cape Coastal Rowing Club and together with them Row at many venues in the Western Cape of South Africa”.

Is Lake Maggiore your first FISA World Rowing Tour?

Is your first time in Italy?
“No I have been to Italy many times on Business”

After/before arriving on Lake Maggiore for FISA World Rowing Tour will you visit other places in Italy?
“Yes Venice”

How do you imagine your FISA World Rowing Tour on Lake Maggiore? What do you expect?
“I am looking forward to a spell of Flat water rowing after hectic rows at the Cape of Storms”

Have you read something about this place? If yes, what impressed you?
“I have been struck by the beauty of the lake nestling in the mountains”

How much do you train to row for 180 km in a week?
“I target 40 KM per week on the water but am sometimes prevented through heavy winds and sea conditions to achieve this but them row 10Km spells on a Concept 2 in the Gym”

How much is important to find also time for tourism and culture?
“I hope to get some opportunities to  experience the culture of the locals”

If you want to add something, you are free to write!
“This trip to Italy in my 80th year is the culmination of a dream and I am looking forward to sharing the cameraderie of a multi national group of guys and girls in Rowing”