The Canadian Deborah LeFrank: “Ready for my first World Rowing Tour. The scenario of Lake Maggiore is breathtaking”

dlfDeborah LeFrank, from Victoria City Rowing Club in Canada, will take part in her first FISA World Rowing Tour.  Deborah, a graphic journalist for a “Visual Life Stories” company says “I typically row 4 times a week and have been adding to the distance of my rowing every week”.  In this way, she is training for the 180 km on Lake Maggiore.

Can you tell me something about your passion for rowing?
I started rowing in 2003, inspired by rowers I saw on the lake near where I lived. I fell in love with the sport right away and continue to be amazed that I found a sport that can drag me out of bed early many mornings a week”.   

Rowing has taken me to a number of great places in the world with three highlights being:
– 2012 the Head of the Charles in  rowing in a 50+ women’s 8+
– 2010 coastal rowing in Alma, Quebec at Festirame in 2x
– 2014 on tour with Rowing the World in the Swiss and Italian lakes (Lugano, Como, Maggiore)”. 

What is your job and how old are you?
“I am a Graphic Journalist and have a company called Visual Life Stories

Can you describe the place where you generally row and your club?
“My rowing club (Victoria City Rowing Club) is part of a busy community boathouse located within Elk – Beaver Lake Regional Park in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Our boathouse is home to Rowing Canada’s men’s national team as well as University of Victoria crews”.  

Is Lake Maggiore your first FISA World Rowing Tour?
“Yes this is my first FISA world tour.  I hope it won’t be my last now that I’ve discovered this amazing annual event”.

Is this your first time in Italy?
“This will be my 3rd time in Italy.  First time was in 1982, the second time as last year 2014. I seem to be falling in love with Italy again”.

After/before arriving on Lake Maggiore for FISA World Rowing Tour will you visit other places in Italy?
I will be arriving early a few days and staying after a few days and will both times stay along the shore of Lago Maggiore”.

How do you imagine your FISA World Rowing Tour on Lake Maggiore? What do you expect?
Imagining the tour is somewhat easier because of my experience last year with the Rowing the World tour.  The coastal boats are steady, heavy and pretty comfortable.  The scenario is breathtaking. Clearly I didn’t get enough of it because I jumped at the chance to come back when I heard about this tour.  I’m excited to meet rowers from around world and to share stories of rowing adventures.  I’m sure I will have a long list of more places to visit”.  

 Have you read something about this place? If yes, what impressed you?
Last year after the tour we took a ferry from Locarno to Isla Piscatory and stayed on the island for a couple of nights.  On the ferry we saw so many places I wanted to stop and visit everywhere.  Lago Maggiore is completely enchanting”. 

How much do you train to row for 180 km in a week?
“I typically row 4 times as week and have been adding to the distance of my rowing every week.  In the past week I have rowed 70 kms.  Must admit I hadn’t added up the distance we will row in September so was quite surprised to see it will be 180km – guess I better get on the water bit more.  My fitness is good with cycling, walking and gardening being part of my regular routine.  It is my hands and my butt that I’m most concerned about with the rowing tour.  Hope they don’t get too sore”.  

How important is it to find time for tourism and culture as well?
“Certainly rowing is the focus of our week however tourism and culture are very important to me.  Also I love Prosecco and fresh Italian food – with these together, life is very good indeed”.

If you would like to add something, you are free to write it here!
I love to travel and to create a travel journal.  I am planning on creating a visual travel story for this rowing tour and would love to share it with others on the tour.  It will be an accordion booklet with a beautiful map showing our route and include sketches and photos of the tour highlights. I’m excited to bring my sketchbook to Italy”.